Here’s a snapshot of what people say about Debra.

"Having never received coaching of this kind before, I confess I was a little sceptical of what could be accomplished. I’d got so far in my business but found myself stuck. It was this frustration that made me take the plunge and get some professional help to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back.  I was fortunate to know Debra through networking. I saw her insightfulness and genuine desire to help others achieve their goals and knew she was someone I could trust. Very quickly I realised what a good decision that was. Working with Debra has shown me how to use my knowledge and self-awareness to deal with situations. She has opened my eyes to skills, resources and possibilities already within my reach and her support materials have helped me stay focused on goals between sessions.  Exposing myself to Debra’s advanced thinking and strategies has given me the clarity to make the key decisions needed to move forward with confidence. I have come to regard Debra as a valued friend as well as business advisor.

- M T, London

"Thank you for all your hard work in  producing a great workshop for our clients on Thursday. I found it very interactive and thought provoking and by the feedback as the clients left it was very useful for them and their personal journeys back to work.  I specifically enjoyed the part around finding a picture and talking about and clarifying what had just been said. Personally I felt this was good in developing my listening skills

S Gibbs, NHS

I consulted Debra for a DISC profile after she was recommended to me. She was very personable and easy to understand, providing a detailed telephone debrief. This helped me to gain the most from my results. It has provided me with the tools to become a more effective communicator in all aspects of life. It has given me some direction on how to improve my communication with some of the more challenging characters I have met, and taught me to understand that the different communication styles these people may prefer, explaining why I have found them more of a challenge to work with. I have taken this information on board and am more aware when communicating in business and socially to consider my choice of words according to the individual I am talking to achieve the outcome I require, keep the person engaged and potentially sale my own service.  

The information that has been provided in the report is very detailed and I can see very much reflects me and my behaviour style. It has also highlighted how working with others who have different styles I would not automatically be drawn too, could in fact, hugely benefit me and my business, as we all possess different attributes. I am looking forward to using this information to make some positive changes in both my professional and social life.

- KH, London

Debra helped me through the early stages of my business when I despaired of ever getting going or getting any paid clients at all! I really appreciated being able to talk over my ideas and plans with someone outside the situation and her wise questioning helped me understand and tackle some of my own hang-ups. She helped me channel my enthusiasm into action and gave constant support and encouragement.  She provided written notes of our sessions which were really useful and having someone to report back to on progress provided valuable accountability for me and got me out of my procrastination! I now have a group of paying clients and feel like I’m finally on my way, so thank you Debra for all your constant encouragement and positive input.

- B M, London

I chose to have a DISC assessment to help in client communications. What I got was a set of valuable and possibly transformative insights with much broader relevance. Whatever your work and whatever stage you're at in your business or career, this is a good investment.

L T, London

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