DISC Personality Profile


A DISC personality profile is just the ticket if you’re serious about developing yourself and your business.  SMEs are highly motivated and hardworking but few actually step back and consider what they could be doing to improve the way they do business.  After all you are your business, just like me.  That’s why successful people invest in their personal development, they want to stay ahead of the game.


The problem is that you you could be self-sabotaging your own business by not building on your strengths and addressing areas you might not be aware of, which are letting you down. That’s why getting your own DISC personality profile makes sense. And unless you change something in the way you behave you won’t get the results you want.

With DISC you’ll get clarity about what motivates you, find out what you need in order to make sound decisions, and see for yourself the things you are good at doing and areas for development.

I’ve had good feedback from clients, for example:

“I chose to have a DISC assessment to help in client communications. What I got was a set of valuable and possibly transformative insights with much broader relevance. Whatever your work and whatever stage you’re at in your business or career, this is a good investment.” LT, London

“I consulted Debra for a DISC profile after she was recommended to me. She was very personable and easy to understand, providing a detailed telephone debrief. This helped me to gain the most from my results. It has provided me with the tools to become a more effective communicator in all aspects of life. It has given me some direction on how to improve my communication with some of the more challenging characters I have met, and taught me to understand that the different communication styles these people may prefer, explaining why I have found them more of a challenge to work with. I have taken this information on board and am more aware when communicating in business and socially to consider my choice of words according to the individual I am talking to achieve the outcome I require, keep the person engaged and potentially sale my own service.

The information that has been provided in the report is very detailed and I can see very much reflects me and my behaviour style. It has also highlighted how working with others who have different styles I would not automatically be drawn too, could in fact, hugely benefit me and my business, as we all possess different attributes. I am looking forward to using this information to make some positive changes in both my professional and social life.”  KH, London

Get your DISC personality profile for work confidence

A DISC personality profile is easy to complete and because it’s online it’s also convenient.  You’ll get a comprehensive report about your predominant personality style, delivered to your inbox within a couple of hours and an invitation to book a 30 minute de-brief coaching session either by ‘phone or Skype, when you can ask questions and get clarification.

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