Winning is not about taking it all

Some time ago I had the displeasure of working with someone who was an outright bully.  His tendencies to dominate, intimidate and even humiliate were so overt and well known.  However, management did nothing to curb this guy’s daily tirade of other people’s shortcomings.  By doing nothing this guy was allowed to run rough shod over whoever he chose, without being held to account.  In effect, the bully had become the ‘elephant in the room;’ everyone knew he was there but no one could stop him in his tracks.  The knowledge this guy held in his head was deemed to be more valuable than the feelings of those who had to work with him directly.   Continue reading

Career Wake Up Call

Contrary to what you might be thinking, if your career is faltering and not where you’d like it to be at this moment in time, are you doing things, perhaps unknowingly, that are holding you back?  Listed below are some examples of what I mean.  The stakes are high as you could end up in a dead end job and, five years hence, wonder why nothing has changed for you.  So, instead of waiting for a wake up call, start turning things around now, it’s urgent! Continue reading

Feedback is a skill

You know what it’s like, you get negative feedback on something you’ve laboured over for a while and it takes the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it?  This has happened to me twice in a matter of weeks.  On the first occasion, I was completely unprepared for fairly harsh criticism of my website and didn’t really know what to say, until that is, I got home and thought of all the things I should have said.  Was it justified?  Probably.  Could it have been handled differently?  Definitely. Continue reading

How To Get Work Happiness

‘Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing, and love what you are doing’, Brian Tracy.  However, we know that only a third of the workforce is engaged at work and that the UK has the lowest level of productivity in G7 industrialised countries (ONS survey 2011).  One explanation is that people are working below their capacity, because the structure of work has changed. Continue reading

Confidence at work

Children seem to be fearless in their pursuit and oblivious to potential risks.  Yet as we grow we start being fearful of so many things, for example the fear of failing, letting people down, being compared unfavourably with our peers, making fools of ourselves if we speak up or stand out in anyway etc. Continue reading

Self-confident Children

People need to feel confident in themselves in order for children to feel confident too.

Here are some tips for enabling children to feel confident more often, adults can use these tips for their own personal development too:

Effective Networking Part 2

  1. Before you go to an event have a look at whoelse is going; Eventbrite events normally show this when you register and plan who you want to meet. Google people too to find out who they are; it’s quite likely that someone has Googled you with the same idea.   You are probably going to the event because there will be people there from your industry or maybe you are branching out and want to meet different people.  Think about who could potentially be useful if you were to meet them at the event and who could you share your skills, knowledge, expertise with. Remember the focus should be on building relationships rather than promoting goods or services.  Aim to meet at least 3 or 4 new people.

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Effective Networking Part 1

Networking is about building relationships with other people who might be useful to you now or in the future or to other people you know as a referral for example.  Here are some tips that might help you.

  1. Most events will have a name badge for you. I think it’s a good idea to have your own with just your name on it.  If you subscribe to L4G you get a name badge with your own QR code on it.  Wear your badge on the top left as this is where people’s eyes are normally drawn to.

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